Back on the journey

 1. I had been for the last 4 months on and off with various good habits that I had built. Among those the idea about writing the blog got left out. 

2. I am back on building the habits again. Come along and see the journey. 

3. I have planned for 3-4 things as my goal list for the upcoming weeks: 

i.   Completing one workout daily. 

ii.  Doing some studies for self. 

iii. Improving my sleeping schedule. I need to wake up at 7am and in accordance leave the electronic gadgets with screen by 00.00am. 

iv. I have kept for self. 

4. Other than this I will write the blogs about the emotional journey. I have some other plans as well, let's see what comes of them. 

5. Happy 2022 to anyone who reads it.