Learning from other's Experience

  1. I have only recently started paying attention to learning from other's experience. Before this I used to rely solely on my experience and some unconsciously learned behaviour from others. 
  2. This has both its pros and cons. Advantage is that you don't need to put the time to learn by doing the same mistakes but the con is you don't always know how to take someone's experience and mistakes and adapt them to your life. 
  3. I am reading a book about self-discipline, and it has to suggest a lot of things which I am already following by myself. So it was easier for me to understand what he meant, even if he did not elaborate, I could get it. But for a person who does have the experience of struggles, and experiments in that domain, it might become confusing. 
  4. One can therefore not straight-forward apply the self help books suggestions. Sit down, think what aligns with your goal and purpose and see how you can adjust his teaching. 
  5. Remember that you might pick good habits from different books and people, but they should have a sync with you and with each other. Each individual is a set of attitudes, habits, thoughts and actions. You must also look at the large picture while selecting any habit. 
  6. It stands to reason, that one cannot live the countless lives in order to have the experience that can help them form their own structure. So one must borrow, but with grace and experimentation.