Emotionally High

 1. I have noticed it with myself that whenever I don't have good things happening in my pillars of life - relationships, health, career, spiritual, my choice of food, sleeping pattern, starting my day plays an important stabilising or destabilising effect. 

2. Then not sleeping or waking up at right hours, not working out or not doing good things for self just makes the entire day very difficult. 

3. Also I have noticed that during such times and perhaps even in good times, any emotions, thoughts experienced in negative post sunset are generally out placed. As a policy of not making myself too anxious, I try to not take any decisions for future self after sunset and before sunrise. But not just the decisions, even the idea about how you feel about the life becomes very challenging. So what should one do? Experience them and not tell anyone ? Or share the feelings and thoughts after having some discussions with self and post that telling others not to take things seriously. 

4. I have read some quotes about not promising when you are happy, or taking decisions when you are sad or angry, I don't remember it exactly. It seems to have some kind of heuristic value to it.