Graceful Revival of Consistency

  1. You will fall off the wagon or you might not be doing your goal list somedays or you will be doing it less.This will push you back. 
  2. Your job, a very important one that time, is to recovery to the nearest point. If you were committing to study 60 minutes daily or do some activity for certain time, make sure you don't end the day or if the day is over, the next day without doing at least 1 minute of that activity. T
  3. Step 2 will prevent the inertia of stopping to create in you. Starting something is half the battle, if you stop, you need to start again, therefore make sure that you are not stopped for too long otherwise the inertia of stop will get built again. 
  4. So no matter what, give your one minute to it, it may not bear any results, but even if you don't do that activity for 365 days ( 1 year ) for 60 ( or whatever your target was ) minutes, you still do it for 1 minute each day, maintaining your inertia of movement, and then with that momentum of a 365 minutes you might start doing that 1 hour as well. Of course you might not need to wait for this long, and your momentum of doing more than 1 minutes or your goal itself might come even sooner.