How to deal with a heartbreak in 8 Steps

  1. Stay in the present as much as you can. Thoughts of future, past or some person may pull you into them for a long time. Unless you are consciously thinking about some aspect of the three things (future, past or some person) for some specific positive purpose, you should come out of them. There is a difference in ignoring these thoughts and resisting them vs letting them come and go as they please, and coming out of them if you are lost in them and accepting them. For acceptance you must let the resistance go towards people or things and once the thoughts and feelings flow in a smooth motion, and you are not lost in them anymore, you become happier, peaceful. Meditation app like headspace, calm are helpful if you can get a subscription. They offer good meditations for a lot of situations. 
  2. Exercise alternating with Cardio and Strength can help uplift your mood. Do it daily and see the results immediately after the workout. 
  3. Study something new, can be related to your career, or something general. Learning new things daily help you expand your horizon, giving you better perspective. 
  4. Reading good books which have a positive message, or an optimistic perspective about the world can be a great help as well. You can try reading Autobiography of a Yogi. 
  5. Spend time with your family, talk with them, listen to them attentively, do something for them. You feel good seeing them happy. Talk with your friends. 
  6. Write down the thoughts, feelings that overwhelm you. You can also write a letter to your ex ( which you don't send, but keep with yourself so that you feelings, thoughts about the conversation you could never had come out on it ). 
  7. Go easy on yourself.  Love yourself like you would love your partner in a relationship. 
  8. If you feel things are getting out of control and overwhelming, consult a mental health expert.