4 thoughts to help you navigate the concept of higher power

  1. Keep your mind open to ideas and thoughts, there is no reason to believe one thing over another forever. An atheist can't disprove god, and a unrealised soul can't prove God either. Maybe the unrealised soul can have their experience in which they felt the presence of God, but to others because of the lack of constant connection with God, they can't help others see clearly. I have not met people who can, but in texts there is a lot of talk of Gurus who can show to the potential disciple the proof and hence erasing the doubts in the mind of disciple. So, keep an open mind, make your reasoning razor sharp, so that you don't fall prey to charlatan or a philosopher who makes absolute claims to the world. 
  2. In my experience of the world, I have found the most effective, is the bootstrap idea of peace. Anything that enables and help me achieve it is good and anything against it is not of use to me. This helps me in build a compass or a heuristic to navigate systems of thoughts and philosophies. I will expand on this in a separate post- but it works like this- if anything harms my peace- any thought/ interpretation of world, I reject it. This does not mean that I am not accepting of challenges to my belief system. I am. But such challenges never really affect my peace. I trained my mind to be at least a little malleable so new thoughts don't shake its foundation completely. 
  3. I have heard tales of Positive energies, souls  and negative energies and souls from people who I believe in completely. I hear such stories with the possibilities of alternate reality instead of the way they interpreted the events, my mind remains receptive to both - their reality and alternate perceptions. I too had few experience in both positive or negative, but it was not of too significance to make me go either road. 
  4. The road to outside world, begins inside. One should always work to know about the inner self, while training to keep the body fit. In a lot of texts it is talked that one who knows the self, knows the universe, as they are one and the same. Regardless of what the texts say, knowing your inner self and outer self healthy is a good way to live a more fulfilling life. A lot of concepts of spirituality, religion can be seen as enriching the life of people who practice them. Using the concept of peace bootstrap alongside the teaching of spirituality, religion, science and philosophy has been the way of my life so far, and I am in hope it continues this way.