4 Steps to improve your daily life

  1. Focus on doing positive things, even for 1 minute. If you are starting out to sort your life, there might be a chance you have a small bucket of will power to use from ( even if the will power source is unlimited, use it conservatively in the starting ).  So instead of spending this energy to reduce the bad things in your life ( say reducing screen time ), use it to on affirmative actions or plans. Once the plans for the day are over ( refer to my previous guide on how to start out with plan ), you can spend the rest of the day in any fashion. Slowly when the positive things time will increase in your life, maybe in weeks time, or month or a year, you will see that the things you felt were a negative in your life, have automatically reduced! And you needn't spend a lot of energy on it. Exception: Things which are too toxic in your life won't follow this rule, and they need some will power to be stopped ( example - excessive alcoholism ).
  2. If you feel overwhelmed in life, talking to a therapist/counsellor will help. Even if you are struggling in trying to get started in career, or do something, and it is proving impossible and you can't seem to figure out why, go seek out a therapist/counsellor. Chances are they will help you understand the small thing that you were missing in the entire puzzle and help your sort things out! Going to a therapist/counsellor is therefore not limited in complete bad times, if you feel even a normal thing is stressing your out, or you are unable to achieve something after repeated tries, getting a second opinion from a professional is always a great help. 
  3. Assuming you have a loving family, understand your family, your self and your career/work in your life should be always priority one. They might switch places with each other depending on the time of the day, but they should always take priority one. Sometime during the day career might take its place, sometime it may be family or sometime it may be self. When I speak of self I mean mind and body both. Therefore, make sure you do something for your career, self and family on priority before you do something else ( there may be some emergency cases where you need to be elsewhere, that being exception of course ). Once you are done working on your priority, move on to do something else. 
  4. Since self is also a priority, I have found personally that  exercising even for as little as 2-5 minutes can give a sudden boost to the body, and even meditating for 1-3 minute might make a small but yet a difference to the day. So make sure you do at least the bare minimum of this, and see your life change a little after each day.