10 guaranteed steps to kick start your life! Worked for me.

  1.  Make sure you go easy on yourself, this is important. This will form basis of other things that I will suggest. 
  2. We need to however, push ourselves a little, not a lot. A microscopic change over a long time will also yield better results than doing nothing. Anything beats zero. 
  3. Set out your priority. If you can't define anything, start with this - your self - physical health and mental health, career, and your family. 
  4. Make sure, that you contribute towards your priority at least 1 minute, and this amount can be higher say as high as even 10 hours! Start where you feel comfortable and become consistent. 
  5. Now, you have a priority, spend ( for our example I will start with 5 minutes ). Spend 5 minutes for physical health by working out, 5 minutes for mental health by doing meditation, 5 minutes for career by studying anything that adds new information to your career or a new skill ( can be like watching video about the skill as well ), 5 minutes spent with the family. 
  6. If you feel overwhelmed with doing 4 activities - spread them throughout the day or you can start with even 1 or 2 activities for week 1 and gradually increase it. Remember point 1! 
  7. Remember that 5 minutes ( for our example ) is your goal, even if you feel like you want to do more, you can, but you will only track 5 minutes, and make sure no matter what, you are able to do it. If you feel like the day is to heavy, start with 1 minute and that will be your goal for the day. 
  8. You don't need to do things ideally, just do it like the Nike slogan says :)
  9. Once you are used to doing 2 ( or 4 ) of the above activities ( make sure they are not more than 4 when you start, if you have made your own priority list ), you can increase the time spent in each of them. Time increase can be done by increasing it by 5 minutes increments, or any increment that is small, doable everyday no matter what, and can be also 1 minute small. 
  10. Even if you have increased your time, and you are not able to do it for some reason, start again at 5 minutes, or maybe even at 1 minute. And trust me, if you do each of these activities for even 1 minute daily for few weeks consistently, you will as a habit wish like doing them.